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Discussion in 'State Police' started by 48Weeks, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. irish937

    irish937 MassCops Member

    Seriously!! You guys who want to be troopers need to stop kissing ass so much. Nobody likes it and you know who you are. It's starting to get nauseating. As for the car stop situation.....and get this through your head all you future crime fighters. Every cop, municipal, state or otherwise has training on how to deal with situations like these. Sometimes training fails, sometimes the individual fails. Every job, state, local or county has their share of "bags" (technical term). Uniforms in general are intimidating, otherwise it wouldn't be considered the first level in use of force. Is one uniform more intimidating than another? Maybe, I suppose it depends on who you are and your mindset. I would submit that it is the person wearing it and how they handle themselves that would be the biggest determining factor, not the color or the patch on the sleeve.
  2. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    Well said Irish.
  3. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints


    You obviously started this thread to get negative reactions and to stir the shit around a bit. I'm no fan of that fairy tale and it sounds like something you tell to 17 year olds in boot camp. But to post the things you've said, it sounds like you're trying to justify making the right decision going to the municipal academy, and hoping fellow posters will join in the SPA bashing. You probably heard it at your academy, "AAA with a gun", "MA Highway Patrol", and this and that. :sleep: Take that bullshit somewhere else or post something that will stimulate thoughtful debate.


    I was just jugglin' your nuts, man. Congratulations on your training.
  4. dcs2244

    dcs2244 Moderator Staff Member

    Sine, I've always preferred the appellation "Glorified Meter Maid"!:fun:
  5. dfc2502

    dfc2502 MassCops Member

    From my personal experience, we do receive more training and yes, more discipline. Go to the MSP website and you can look at the weekly training schedule. When I went through there was no "down time" at least no conscience down time. Again look at the schedule. Hell, even eating was an exercise in character building. The one hour of personal time at the end of the day was spent shining boots, doing to-froms or whatever other task you needed to get done. If you were caught up, you helped someone else!!

    If you do look at the schedule keep in mind that each academic class is already stream lined due to time restraints, so other than a short piss break you are attentive and taking notes. The physical classes (maybe not morning PT anymore - I dont know) were just that - physical. We went full out and yes injuries happened so did throwing up from the intense exertion.

    Now with the scenario based training being expanded, I wouldn't bet against the training going longer than 26 weeks.
  6. BrickCop

    BrickCop Subscribing Member

    I stand corrected...
  7. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    Uh no. I actually posted this thread because I was curious as to what the difference is between academies other than more "discipline" at the state pd academy. I don't believe that I have written anything stating that I believe Troopers are "AAA with a badge and a gun" bluh bluh bluh. Why would you bring this up? You don't have to defend yourself here. I know you guys do more than stop cars, especially when you get into a specialized unit. So settle down SINEPARI and take a deep breath. Stay safe.

  8. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Any good cop knows there's a LOT more to a car stop than writing a ticket.

    Dig deep, and ye shall find.

    The MSP does a lot more self initiated stuff, and most locals are call driven (in general). Neither is better, just different.
  9. PearlOnyx

    PearlOnyx Subscribing Member


    It's all good. If you were to get to know me personally, you'd probably find my sense of humor a little strange. I don't find much funny...very dry. I'm working on it =)


    It's all good.
  10. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    Tpr. M Cherven-Meth Lab. Need I say more!
  11. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    In small towns it is almost all self initiated stuff...not a ton of calls
  12. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    I stated that because the tone in your previous post seemed condescending.

    So what exactly do you mean by "bored"? I'm completely befuddled at your "respect" for the job, but you somehow would be bored. Correct me if that didn't sound condescending.
  13. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Cherven is a hammer.
  14. 40th MPOC#309

    40th MPOC#309 New Member

    MSP & Locals: EQUAL-Just different!!!! We all are on the same page, want to get the job done and go home to our loved ones. ENUFF SAID!
  15. regnar1194

    regnar1194 MassCops Member

    I couldn't agree with Sinepari more, 48 Weeks, you sound as if you are insecure regarding your municipal academy, and you are trying to justify it. You are looking for others to trash the SPA so you can feel better about yourself by trashing another. Your use of quotation marks around the word discipline makes it it look like you scoff at the idea that the discipline required in the SPA isn't important, I couldn't disagree with you more. If you are happy being a local officer then take pride in it and do your job, there is nothing wrong with it. I have nothing against local officers, I back them up just as I would another Trooper, I do have something against all officers that disgrace their uniforms regardless of the uniform it may be. If you are insecure about yourself and want to hear nothing but faint praise and words like the municpal academy is no different than the SPA, you should probably go elsewhere. I am sure you will find some sympathyzing words from others, maybe even some that want to trash the academy because they were too weak to make it through themselves.
  16. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    No insecurities here, but thanks for your concern. I will put my training up against most others out there. Yes, I am proud to be a local and take much pride in the job. I obviously have not gone through a Trooper academy and was simply trying to figure out what else goes on there. Most replies to my post answered questions that I had, others took my posting as a knock for some reason (insecurities on their part?). Stay safe.

  17. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    I don't understand it. I read many of these posts on a number of different topics and much of what I see is many of you guys slamming each other. What's up with that? I can understand a friendly rivalry between departments or between staties and locals but some of you guys take it to extreme. Maybe I've been away too long but I just don't get it. Aren't we all supposed to be on the same side? Can't we all just get along?

    If a major incident happens, everyone is gonna have to play nice together. During the 1992 riots out here in Los Angeles, it got so bad that we had mutual aid come from dozens of different departments and we were glad to have them, even though we do things differently than most of them. In fact, we do things differenly out here than many of you guys too. I'm not sure why, but we do.

    For example, we wouldn't have approached the suspect near his car with his hand concealed, especially not while we're alone. The "cover" I was thinking about was the cover that would help save me (like my patrol car) if the guy came out shooting, not the one on my head. A local can get killed just as fast and just as easily as a statie. We're all susceptible. We do both, chase the radio and officer initiated stuff. Since I've been on my department, we've had 34 officers killed..

    By the way, our academy is not live-in and was 24 weeks when I went through in 1988. And we did not have any down time. Today, the academy is still not live-in but is now up to 28 weeks and there is still no down time. As someone else previously said, how about we take pride in the job we do and let the other guy take pride in his.
  18. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Well, for starters, just go to the website, check out the pictures and schedules and you can figure out from others what goes on there. If you have a hunch that sometimes it gets a little crazy there, you're probably right. Academics unitl 8pm every day, about 140 hours of DT, inspections, military drill, PT of course, and constantly under the watchful eyes of the DIs. The biggest difference is after dinner, we don't go home.

    Any other questions, just take the next exam.
  19. O-302

    O-302 New Member

    Attended the "live-in" 71st MPOC @ MSP Academy in Framingham. Although it was only 12 weeks long in 1980, I wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way. Great experience; exceptional training. Grievances and law suits for overtime put an end to the live-in academies for locals.
  20. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Not to ask a stupid question -- but I am going to anyways --, why would there be a Grievance about living at the academy?
  21. O-302

    O-302 New Member

    Not a stupid question. Strictly a pay issue. Some officers felt that if you have them at the academy for 24 hrs. a day, you owe them overtime. When I was hired, you worked until an academy opening came up and you went. So, you were already hired, not a cadet, and were covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
  22. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Ah, thank you for explaining that for me.
  23. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    48weeks is a well known statie-basher...I cite as examples two previous threads:

    I'm fairly certain that he has absolutely no interest in finding out the difference between a municipal academy and a state academy....if someone were genuinely interested there are many better ways to get the info...maybe starting with MSP/NHSP/VSP, etc. website. I also get a kick out of his passive-aggressive response to anyone that seems to get angry at his insulting posts.

    Now, to someone who actually IS interested in knowing why state academies are different than local academies, its no mystery, its that our job is different than other law enforcement jobs. Just like USMC boot camp is different from US Army boot camp, and that's different from USAF boot camp, and so on and so on....each of the services has their own set of values and skills they're trying to impart on their recruits. Why does the FBI sends their people to an academy with a collared-shirt and khakis collegiate atmosphere with virtually no stress? Because its the right thing for their job...the FBI are primarily investigators, they are generally not involved in the types of things that uniformed officers are involved in, despite what you see on TV. And just like that, our job is also different than a municipal officer's job.

    Troopers tend to work alone, in a large geographic area (my first patrol area had nine cities in it including Springfield, Holyoke and Chicopee) with limited access to backup. We have very little field supervision, and Troopers with not much time on the job are trusted to make momentous decisions. Much of our patrol relies on pro-active patrolling, finding cars or people and stopping them, and seeing what shakes out. While we still have to respond to highway calls and calls for service in rural areas, a large amount of our time is self-initiated patrol. Local departments spend much of their time servicing the 911 system, which, by its very nature, is reactive. With the exception of traffic units and anti-crime units, most of an local officer's shift consists of going from one call out to another.

    Another component of our work consists of gathering in large groups to respond to instances of rioting or civil disobedience. This means we have to be able to assemble quickly, with a clear chain of command, with a common set of terminology and commands, and this can be anywhere in the state. I have personally been involved in a couple of instances of this and its an impressive sight. Nothing like 40-50 Troopers standing the skirmish line in lockdown mode.

    I have nothing but respect for the locals out there, most of the ones I've worked with have been nothing but professional...but our jobs are as much different as alike, and one can't expect the training to be exactly the same.
  24. PearlOnyx

    PearlOnyx Subscribing Member


    Honestly, I've lost track. I lurked on the old site for a long long time too under a different name before the big rebuild. Anyway, just making the point that I know this board, and what paths threads go down like the back of my hand! =)
  25. tarc

    tarc New Member

    Killjoy I couldn't agree with you more about the different aspects of the job. In the municipal academy, there are so many different PDs represented, that the academy can't really focus on one certain aspect of the job/location/geography, like the SPA or Boston PD does. The municipal academy seems more like a general approach/training to the job. You could be from a fairly large city PD, but sitting beside you is the chief of some rural PD, in which he is the only FT officer. Does that make it worse than the others, I guess it depends on who you ask. The academy is a good start towards ones career. But the real work officially starts the day you hit the streets.
  26. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

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