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Discussion in 'State Police' started by 48Weeks, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    I often get accused of knocking the State Police. This thread is not a knock. Please do not take it as such. With that said...... What is the need for a 26 week live-in academy? What type of training do Troopers receive that locals do not in a local academy? Do the Troopers receive more training than a local or do they simply receive more "discipline"? I am just curious as to what the hell goes on there for 26 weeks, as I have graduated from a local academy where there was lots of down time. Is all the extra time spent shining boots and getting yelled at OR do SP recruits actually have hours and hours of classroom instruction? Just curious. Troopers, please don't get all defensive and I would appreciate it if the name calling is kept to a minimum. Stay safe.
  2. OciferpeteHPD3500

    OciferpeteHPD3500 MassCops Member

  3. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    Are you really a cop or a [email protected]@ stirrer?
  4. tarc

    tarc New Member

    After watching that video, I only wondered why that cop kept trying to call for help on his radio, rather than to start fighting back? I understand you have to call for help, but you also can't take a pounding like that.
  5. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    All Cop here. And what are you?

  6. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    OK, I watched it. And your point is?

  7. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Read the schedule on the website. It's public information.
  8. PearlOnyx

    PearlOnyx Subscribing Member


    Academic comparison aside, that discipline that you mention is extremley important. The discipline that is prevalent in this environment is character building, and the "downtime" that you experience is a great help to your academics. There are no distractions, no family, bills, just you and the academy. Even if the curriculum is the same (I'm not sure), in such an isolated environment, it dramatically improves your learning.
  9. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Then how in the hell did you just post something on the internet on a Tuesday afternoon at 18:24???:BNANA:
  10. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    What, you didn't have the Internet at your RTT?

    The best part of my academy was the X Box tournaments before lights out...:alcoholi:
  11. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    You can use the computer and go on "masscops" while at the academy?

  12. BrickCop

    BrickCop Subscribing Member

    LMAO....OWNED...good catch SinePari...:D
  13. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    PearlOnyx should be near the end of his academy in FL he is not at the MSP.
  14. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    All Trooper here. I think the reason you bash us is because you could not be one of us so this is your way of coping.:broken:
  15. Hartmn

    Hartmn New Member

    26 weeks is a long time, but its not even long enough to cover everything in as much depth and detail as there should be. The days are longer, ,and the environment is far different. Some people don't handle stress well.. some people get stressed over relatively benign things. A live in format does help make sure you are trruly committed to the job. The LAST thing anyone wants is some guy who tests well taking up a slot that someone else would have killed for..then leaving the job because they never got challeneged enough to make that decision in the academy. I came on the job in the 80's and the first time I saw that was in a class in the mid 90's. Several people went through the whole academy..then left shortly after. It wasted money, and an opportunity for someone else. It was a sign that the training had swung too far in the kinder and gentler direction.
  16. SPO123

    SPO123 New Member

  17. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    Our Academy is more styled after military boot camp than any other in Massachusetts. It is one that has been modeled by other state agencies across the country. The MSP is more of a paramilitary organization than any local departments I have seen in Massachusetts.

    That being said, since it is modeled after the military, read what military boot camps are designed for and maybe this will answer your question
    "Boot camps essentially training camps. The term 'boot camp' is derived from the grueling footwear that is provided to boot camp trainees in the military. Boot camps last for a couple of weeks and are specifically designed for special purposes.

    The original boot camps are military boot camps. All branches of the armed forces have boot camps including the army, marines, coast guard, navy and air force. Boot camps for the military train their recruits in physical strength, weapon use, technical and theoretical knowledge, comradeship, leadership and discipline among many other code value. The actual effect of boot camps is more mental than physical. Trainees are deprived of sleep, food and communication and made to live in extremely unfavorable conditions to test how far they can push themselves.

    Most boot camp instructors are harsh-spoken, work-extracting people. They are experts in their own fields and are conditioned to exert their trainees to the maximum, in order to bring out their best. Boot camps end with elaborate ceremonies, where degrees or awards are given to the passed out candidates."
  18. Sgt. Canseco

    Sgt. Canseco New Member

  19. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    My DI in MPOC was a Trooper and we asked him the same question. I was told by him that he conducted our class exactly the same way as he did the RTT Classes. The big difference was the "extracurricular" stuff like throwing bedding out of the windows during the wee hours of the morning obviously wasn't done to our class. Different stress level knowing that you are going home somewhere around 1600 - 1630 everyday. Other than that, he said he basically followed the same "script".
  20. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    Negative on that one, but nice try. I respect your job but have no urge to be a Trooper. I would be bored out of my mind.

  21. BrickCop

    BrickCop Subscribing Member

  22. 48Weeks

    48Weeks New Member

    Great story, I got teary eyed. I hope you don't believe that most locals couldn't handle this situation. There are those who shouldn't be cops on my job and yours my friend. You want to know what I would do (in your scenerio)? I would get out my cruiser, draw down with my SIG, I would probably swear at him a bit, and in the end I would take the appropriate action. Yes, it would be nerve racking, but I and 95% of "locals" would do the right thing, just like 95% of Troopers would do the right thing. One thing I would do different is leave the cover in my car. I wouldn't waste my precious time putting my freaken cover on as someone is challenging me like in this scenerio. Covers have a role, but not in a call like this. Any officer should know that in your scenerio putting on their cover should not be a high priority. Stay safe.

  23. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    HAHAHA --- im sorry but as a "lemming" I can truthfully say this.
    The summer cover and uniforms that the MSP have scare the hell out of me -- by means of intimidation. I see a Trooper walking up to my car wearing that and I'm only saying "Yes sir" or "No sir".
  24. PearlOnyx

    PearlOnyx Subscribing Member

    Sine and others,

    I'm out of state. Believe it or not, we have Internet. Comparison wise, and just speaking from comparison from friends who went through the academy with MSP, there seems to be more of a focus on constant discipline there, and more of a focus on academics here. I never went through the RTT though, so I can't speak for sure. I kind of wish we didn't have the net. I probalby spend a half hour on here at night, and the rest of the night on uniforms and studying. I could probably better spend that time, but it's nice to keep in contact with friends and family.


    Owned? Umm, no not really. Including my previous screen name, I've been on this site for around 5 years, and have been a moderator for around 3 of those (maybe more on both accounts). I'm smart enough (and adult/professional enough) not to post petty lies on here. Good looking out though!


    Thank you for the clarification in my absence.
  25. tomcats

    tomcats MassCops Member

    If a bad guy got intimidated by a uniform then he wasn't much of a bad guy to begin with. I'm with 48weeks on this one. Whoever the local was he/she must not of had good training because the minute a dirtball starts reaching for something then the whole scenario changes and it's going to end up bad for him.And taz, if you don't want to say yes sir or no sir to me thats fine. I'm perfectly happy to gig you and send you on your way while I adjust my un-intimidating summer blues.
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