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MSP 150th Anniversary Commemorative Rifles

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    Earlier this year, the MSPMLC commissioned the production of a limited run (150) of commemorative rifles to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the MSP. Three different configurations of the rifle were produced by Troy Industries and over the last few months, the sale of these rifles has been limited to active and former members of the MSP. For every rifle sold, $100 will be donated to the Museum.

    The rifles are based on the Troy Alpha carbine platform. All feature a 14.5" barrel with a permanently attached muzzle device (brake or FH, depending on configuration) to bring the barrel length to 16" and avoid NFA requirements. Two versions have adjustable stocks (Battle Ax or PDW) and 3-30 round mags, the other has a fixed stock, muzzle brake and 1 10 round mag which brings it into compliance with Massachusetts and other states restrictions on civilian ownership. The lower receiver is custom engraved on both sides and serial numbers range from 150MSP0001 to 150MSP0150. The upper is also custom engraved and includes a rear folding sight.

    At this time fewer than 30 rifles remain unsold and in order to wrap up this program, the sale of the remaining rifles has been opened to the general public. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these remaining rifles is encouraged to go to the web page These rifles will be sold on a first-come first-served basis and when they are sold out, that's it. Please direct any questions regarding these rifles directly to Troy via contact information on the web page.

    The MSPMLC thanks everyone for their continued support of our mission.

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    I love everything about the PDW stock but the price. Troy makes some great rifles and accessories.

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