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Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by BRION24, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Ok we had this game on here before but I can't seem to find it.
    Post a movie quote and then the next person guesses and then provides his own quote and so on. Lets get started.

    "Your a dirty Pirate Hooker"
  2. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    Anchor Man!!!

    Man 1: Yeah but you know what, Mike? You can make their heads bleed in this one.

    Mike: Make somebody's head bleed!

    Man 2: No man, we're in the playoffs!
  3. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Who invited House of Pain? SWINGERS, great movie.

    We'll keep an eye on your partner....
    "That's mighty white of you."
  4. Kentucky Gold

    Kentucky Gold MassCops Member

    The Enforcer! Classic!

    "I am warning you, right now, if you touch my drums, I will stab you in the neck with a knife"
  5. TRPDiesel

    TRPDiesel MassCops Member

    The Fugitive

    "If his unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish beneath the glossy veneer of criminal life and inspired you to change your ways, then his injuries carry with it an inherent nobility, and a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You say poor Toby? I say poor us."
  6. Gone In 60 Seconds

    They all have husbands and wives and children and houses and dogs, and, you know, they've all made themselves a part of something and they can talk about what they do. What am I gonna say? "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?"
  7. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    Grosse Point Blank!!!!!!!!!!!

    "At global gym were better then you, and we know it!"
  8. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    The end of Billy Batts in Goodfellas

    Tomorrow morning, Im going to wake up early, then come down and see you at the bank. If you don't have my money, well Im going to crack your fuckin head wide open. Now just about the time I get out of jail, hopfully, you'll be getting out of your coma. And guess what, Ill crack your fuckin head wide open again. I dont give a fuck about jail. Thats my business, thats what I do.
  9. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member


    "You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let's see how well you handle it"
  10. jeepster

    jeepster MassCops Member


    “Number Four, Bobby Orr”, what a future he has."

    hint: a 1970s flick
  11. Usa8235

    Usa8235 MassCops Member

    Slapshot is the only one i can think of... ?

    ---------- Post added at 16:03 ---------- Previous post was at 15:55 ----------

    so if i am right..

    "Peace they say, is the enemy of memory"
  12. TRPDiesel

    TRPDiesel MassCops Member

    Boondock Saints

    "We call ourselves the Nightstalkers."
    "Hmm. Sounds like rejects from a Saturday morning cartoon."
    "Well, we were gonna go with the Care Bears, but, uh, that was taken"
  13. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    The Right Stuff - Great Movie

    "And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. Benefits of a classical education."
  14. jeepster

    jeepster MassCops Member

    Robert Mitchum from "The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)"
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Eddie Coyle talks about Number 4: Bobby Orr![/nomedia]
  15. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Die Hard

    "Head, Move, Now"
  16. DEI8

    DEI8 Supporting Member


    "This is the damnedest season I've ever seen. I mean, the ______ _______ can't lose and I can't get laid."
  17. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Bull Durham

    "The post-game show is brought to you by... Aw, I can't find it. The hell with it!
  18. DEI8

    DEI8 Supporting Member

    Major League

    You're - you're an action figure. You are a child's plaything.
  19. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Toy Story

    "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"
  20. honor12900

    honor12900 MassCops Member

    Ghost Busters

    "Lay off some steam Bennett"
  21. kav

    kav MassCops Member


    what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  22. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    40 year old virgin

    "Fly you fools!"
  23. DEI8

    DEI8 Supporting Member

    Lord of the Rings

    I had no idea you could milk a cat.
  24. BRION24

    BRION24 Supporting Member

    Meet the Parents

    " You can pretty much milk anything with nipples"
  25. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Correction for BRION24, that's from "Blue Streak" not 40 Year Old Virgin...

    Another Blue Streak reference from Lawman3...

    "A man was traveling to St. Ives, on his way, he met a man with twenty wives.."

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