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The Mount Pleasant Police Department encourages qualified appicants seeking a rewarding carreer in law enforcement to apply for consideration. The following are qualifications necessary for a position as sworn officer:


- United States Citizenship.
- 21 years of age.
- An Associate Degree (or the equivalent) or higher from an Accredited College or University.
- A Current South Carolina Driver's License.
- No conviction of a felony or crime of moral turpitude.

The Selection Process to become a Police Officer for the Mount Pleasant Police Department takes approximately forty-five (45) days from the formal application. The process includes:

- Formal interview with the Chief of Police.
- A thorough background investigation, which includes criminal history, education verification, driving record, credit history, polygraph test, psychological screening, and a review of personal and employment referrences.
- A medical examination and drug screening which will be made following a conditional offer of employment.

Applications are considered active for a period of one year. After one year, re-application must be made, provided there have been no disqualifications.

If you have any questions regarding the selection process, contact the Office of Professional Standards at (843) 884-4176.


Equipment and Uniforms:
Furnished by the Police Department


All full-time Sworn officers are required to join the South Carolina Police Retirement System as a condition of employment.

Holiday Leave:

Any employee, whether or not he or she is scheduled to work will be compensated for a holiday on a day for day basis. If the employee works, he or she will receive another day to take off at their discretion. If the employee is scheduled for a regular day off, he or she will accrue a day to take at a later date. Every employee will receive the benefit of nine (9) additional days off each year, in observance of holidays. The only stipulation is that the holiday must be taken within twelve (12) months of the day it is earned.

Annual Leave:

Vacation with pay may be granted to all regular employees with at least six months of service.
- Full-time employees with less than one year can accrue annual leave at a rate of one-half day per month.
- Full-time employees with more than one year but less than nine years can accrue annual leave at a rate of one day per month.
Full-time employees with more than nine years can accrue annual leave at a rate of one and one-half days per month.

Sick Leave:

All full-time employees with three months service shall be entitled to one working day's sick leave for each month of service.

Military Leave:

All employees who are members of the National Guard or Reserve Units of the United States Armed Forces, shall be granted fifteen (15) days of leave without loss of pay during the year.

Health Insurance:
The Town of Mount Pleasant makes available to all fulltime employees:
- Group Life
- Sickness
- Group Hospitalization
- Dental Insurance

Click here for a Downloadable Application!


The Mount Pleasant Police Department supports professional development of all employees through numerous Career Development Programs which involve everything from recruit officer training to assisting in furtherance of employees' educational development. The Mount Pleasant Police Department is recognized as the Lowcountry Regional Training Center.

Sworn Officers

All sworn officers must successfully complete the nine week South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Basic Law Enforcement Certification Course before they are authorized to work on the street as a police officer.

Subsequent to Academy graduation, officers must successfully complete the Mount Pleasant Police Department's 560 hour Field Training and Evaluation Program, during which time they are under the direction and control of specially trained Field Training Officers.

Upon completion of the Field Training and Evaluation Program, each officer is evaluated by a Command Staff Board before being released to work alone as an individual police officer.

Officers must be re-certified every three years and must complete specific types of training during that period to meet re-certification requirements.

Upon completion of one year of active service, each officer is counseled on his/her career goals and may voluntarily enroll in a Career Development Path which guides their advanced training toward the path they desire. Participation in Career Development requires an officer to complete 40 hours of advanced training, toward their chosen path, each year for three years.

Officers seeking promotion through the ranks are expected to complete professional development training which is provided through the department. Courses in Supervisory Development and Command Level training are offered.

Career Paths include:
Narcotics, Traffic Services, Criminal Investigations, Operations Specialist

Civilian Training

Community Service Officers and Telecommunicators participate in mandatory pre-service training provided by the Department and complete the Field Training and Evaluation Programs similar to that provided to sworn officers, but specific to their particular specialty.

All civilian employees are offered career development training consistent with their assignment through the department as well as other sources.

Educational Benefits

In addition to the training benefits offered by the Department, all personnel are eligible for educational assistance when seeking higher education. Personnel who attend college seeking a higher degree may participate in a tuition reinbursement program designed to assist with tuition costs of courses which relate to their job.

Reimbursement is $700.00 for graduate classes and $500.00 for undergraduate classes with a passing grade.

Sworn officers are provided educational incentive pay of $750.00 upon completion of a Bachelor's Degree.

For more information about our career opportunities, call (843) 884-4176 or email us!
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