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I think that Easton is referring to LE motorcycle training. We had a few go through a class down the cape in the fall, it's my understanding that there wont be another class south of Boston anytime soon (6 months or so) most are in the northeast MA and NH area. They usually only do training for agencies leasing from them but maybe can put you in touch with other instructors.

Seacoast (Phill) is a MCJTC instructor in three different courses. (1 week class)

Sgt. Phil Miles (Ret.), Motor Training Officer of Portsmouth, NH Police Department is the instructor. He was certified through Northwestern Traffic Institution in 1993.

Several classes are held in the spring and fall.


New England Police Vehicle Leasing
PO Box 1740
17 Lafayette Road (US Route 1)
North Hampton NH 03862
Tel: (603) 964-9959 Fax: (603) 964-9942

Training is offered to certified police officers, upon permission from their agency. Any agency requesting training must be an existing customer of New England Police Vehicle Leasing.

Proposed dates, locations and local contacts for the 2004 New England Police Vehicle Leasing motorcycle training are as follows:

April 5 - 9: Seacoast Harley-Davidson - Rear Lot
April 12 - 16: Rutland, VT - SGT. Mulcahey (802) 770-5352
April 26 - 30: Burlington, VT - Leddy Park - SGT. Higbee (802) 658-2704
May 3 - 7: New Bedford, MA - TBA
May 24 - 28: UNH - West Edge Lot
June: Haverhill, MA - Bradford Coll. - SGT Currier (978) 373-1212 x171

All classes are held Monday - Friday
08:30 hours to 16:30 hours
Class size is limited to 12 students
Contact: Phil Miles Tel: 603-964-9959 ext. 106 Cell: 603-957-0184
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