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motor vehicle stop to issue parking ticket?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Laws' started by devenob, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. devenob

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    I know in the academy I was told that to issue a parking ticket IE fire lane violation or handicap placard violation ect you can initiate a motor vehicle stop to issue it. Iv asked guys around the station what they think and they seem to all disagree with me. What do you guys think? also just found out that you can run a placard number in Q2 "P######" :rolleyes: and see who it comes back to!
  2. devenob

    devenob 2300

    ya I wouldn't really look to much into it unless a car full of POS's pulled up and everyone got out and the permitted owner comes back to a 90 year old lady lol
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  3. Kilvinsky

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    This goes back a long lot of years, but at UMass/Boston we used to have 'toll evaders' who would exit the parking garage the wrong way to avoid paying the parking fee. We had four options. 1) send them back in to pay the toll. 2) issue them a citation for wrong way on a one way. 3) issue a PARKING ticket for toll evasion. 4) a combination of any of the above. Of course their reaction to being stopped often dictated which option was gone for.

    But the basic idea is, we had to STOP THE CAR in order to do any of those including the parking ticket. Never had an issue with it. Then again, it wasn't so much a parking violation as the car isn't parked when avoiding a toll, but...
    As for where I work now, we don't have Ch. 90 either and I haven't written a parking ticket in eons (we have a parking office which has their own monitors and use those electronic ticket writers). My philosophy was always, if you move before I start writing this, I'm happy. If I've already started writing it, I'm finishing it and turning in the soft copy regardless if I give you the hard copy or not.
    But out tickets only really matter if you have a University Parking permit or collect a whole bunch and get towed.
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    I don't have anything in front of me at the moment, but the one I remember fairly recently that even mentioned it was Comm v. Cruz (Boston marijuana odor case). The ruling mentioned that the stop was good to go because it involved a parking violation (fire hydrant).
  5. CapeSpecial

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    There has been case law on it that it is allowed.
    Speaking in common sense terms, aren't parking violations considered "town bylaws" ? That would lead me to believe you are covered to ID the driver as well.
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    Will do, let me finish breakfast first.
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