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Mother, son arrested over high school dress code scuffle

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- A mother and her 16-year-old son were arrested over a Lawrence High School dress code.
Gina Castillo was at the school arguing loudly with a school safety officer about the school's uniform policy.
She was upset because her son was sent home for three days because of a uniform issue and missed an important test.
Police arrived and told the mother if she didn't leave she would be arrested.
She told police, "Arrest me."
As Castillo was handcuffed, her son tried to intervene and was also arrested.
The mother and son, who remains unidentified because he is a juvenile, both face multiple charges.

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Now THAT'S a mom a kid can be proud of!

Bet he ends up a career criminal and Mom show's up at every trial saying, "oh no, he was with me when that happened and those 20 people who said they saw him do it are LYING!"
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