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Mooing at cows beneficial

A farmer in the English county of Devon says he has been able to boost his cows' milk production by simply mooing at them.

Farmer Graham Vallis said by conducting a meditative mooing session with his cows for five minutes before each milking session, he has been able to increase the amount of milk he gets from them, The Sun reported Saturday.

Vallis said he accidentally happened upon the technique during a routine tea break.
"I often take my tea break with my cows, but on one occasion suddenly I became deeply relaxed," he said.
"I realized it was the mooing. I started mooing in time and they crowded round like the Pied Piper," he added, referring to the mythical character who could lead rats with music.

The Sun said Vallis's advice has been heeded by the Federation of Organic Milk Groups, which has passed along the recommendation to its 450 members.
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