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Monster frog statue baffles town

Civic leaders in Ukraine have baffled taxpayers by unveiling a quarter
tonne statue of a frog to mark their town's 299th anniversary.

The concrete sculpture was put up in Golaya Pristan after a neighbouring
village constructed a smaller frog statue in bronze, considered a bit flashy
by Pristans.

"The one in Golaya Pristan belongs to ordinary people and therefore is
made of concrete," a spokesman for city authorities said.

But bemused locals have written to city authorities demanding to know
why they put up a statue to a frog and local radio stations have started
debates on the giant monument.

Local woman Natalia Slivka said: "What on earth has a frog got to do with
our town? And why have they put up a massive statue using taxpayers'
money the mark the town's 299th anniversary?

"God knows what they will unveil next year for the 300th anniversary - a
one-tonne statue of a lizard or something. Someone at the city council
must have been drunk or mad when they dreamt up this idea."

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