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Monk's joke bomb hoax

A monk staged a hoax bomb warning at a hospital as a practical joke on a
priest being treated there.

Twenty year-old Adrian Radolescu called the clinic in Timisoara, western
Romania, saying a bomb had been planted in the building.

And when frantic staff asked him where it was he cackled: "Go and look
for it."

Police evacuated the whole building while bomb squad experts scoured the
wards with sniffer dogs but found nothing.

But when detectives traced the call, they found it had been made from
the priest's office at the nearby Roamnesti monastery.

Junior priest Radolescu confessed saying he'd wanted to pull a practical
joke on a priest who had been at the hospital for tests that day.

Now he's been fined the equivalent of £500 and risks 10 years in jail if he
repeats the prank.

"He's truly sorry and has apologised for frightening so many innocent
people. It was meant to be a joke but he didn't think through the
consequences," said a police spokesman.
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