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Mom charged with racing in school zone

A Toronto woman has been charged with street racing after police clocked her car allegedly moving at at 63 mph through a school zone, authorities said.
The unidentified woman said she was driving home to pick up her son and take him to a day-care center in the same school zone through which she sped, Toronto police Sgt. Tim Burrows told The Toronto Star.
Police radar showed her Volvo zooming through the 30 mph zone at 63 mph just after 8:30 a.m., Burrows said.
"She was traveling at a horrendous speed," pulling away from other cars "at warp speed," Burrows told the Star.
Her drivers license was suspended and her car was impounded for seven days, the newspaper said. If convicted, she faces a maximum fine of $9,400.
The incident occurred during an annual safety campaign in which Toronto police seek to raise drivers' awareness of children returning to school.
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