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Mom brings son's ashes to his court date

An Englishwoman took her son's ashes to court after the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency tried to prosecute him two years after his death.

Julie Strange, 43, of Little Salkeld said she brought the ashes after receiving a summons ordering her deceased son, Paul, to appear before magistrates, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Strange said the licensing agency had previously sent multiple letters addressed to Paul, who died in October 2006 when hit by a train, claiming he had failed to report the sale of an unspecified vehicle.

"The letter included the registration of the vehicle but there was no indication whether it was a car, a bike or anything else. But Paul did not own any vehicle when he died," Strange said, adding the letters kept coming despite her sending a copy of Paul's death certificate to the agency.

Prosecutors withdrew the case after Strange produced the wooden casket of ashes engraved with Paul's name. The presiding magistrate offered her the condolences of the bench and court staff.

"I just hope now that the DVLA will get the message and send me a letter saying that this whole episode is behind us. It would be nice to get an apology as well," she said.
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