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An abusive Brooklyn,NY mom confessed Sunday to beating her 11-year-old daughter to death with a mop handle and leaving her to die in her own bed, police sources said.
Florencia Vazquez, 36, told detectives she hit her daughter, Alejandra, so hard on the head that the wooden handle shattered in two.
The monster mom took the time to tape the handle back together, but never called for help as the helpless girl lay dying.
"There are some people that don't deserve to be mothers," said neighbor Adam Cartwright, 21. "If you have a heart, if you're a real mother, it's impossible to do something like that to your daughter."
Alejandra was found lifeless in their apartment on Atlantic Ave., police said.
Vazquez, a mother of five, admitted killing her after hours of questioning at the 75th Precinct in East New York, cops said.
She told detectives she "despised everything connected to her ex-husband," who was Alejandra's father, a police source said.

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