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MIT Lockdown

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by XXYYXX, Apr 19, 2013.

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    Massive explosions and gunfire in Watertown
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    R.I.P. Officer Sean Collier MIT Police
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    suspect in custody. Thank GOD!
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    'Thank you for touching our lives': Hundreds honor Sean Collier at vigil in Wilmington

    Collier allegedly killed in 'cold blood' by Boston Marathon bombers

    UPDATED 6:41 AM EDT Apr 21, 2013


    WILIMINGTON, Mass. —
    Hundreds of residents, visitors and police officers came to Wilmington Saturday night for a vigil to honor MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, who was preparing to join the Somerville Police Department in two months when he was killed in the line of duty on April 19, reportedly by the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, our news partners at Wicked Local/Wilmington reported.

    "It doesn't matter whether we knew him or not," said Wilmington resident Paul Sweeney, who was attending with his family. "He was from Wilmington, he’s ours."

    View a slideshow of the procession and vigil

    Sweeney and other civilians lined one side of Church Street as an escort of police motorcycles and cars led a hearse down the road. The other side of the street was lined by a wall of police officers from towns across Eastern Massachusetts and departments from colleges like Boston and Suffolk University.
    Many of Collier’s family came to the vigil, which was held at the Town Common. Collier’s stepfather, Joe Rogers, said Collier’s mother was "still too crushed" to attend and said family were still adjusting to Collier’s loss.
    "It seems like it was just yesterday, maybe it was just yesterday," he said, speaking from the Common’s gazebo to a throng of people silently holding candles.
    Collier’s brother, Andrew, said he never imagined the Common would be so full of people honoring his brother. He and other speakers praised the community for pulling together so quickly after Sean Collier’s death.
    "There are people out there who want to attack us. They’re jealous of what we have and want to take it away," Andrew Collier said. "You all here tonight are proof they’ll never take it away."
    But Collier mourned the loss of his brother, saying he was learning more from hearing people speak about the kind of person he was.
    "He’s a better man than I will ever be," Collier said.

    Read more:
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    Great news! Speedy recovery!
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    Sean Collier
    MIT Police Officer • April 18, 2013
    Information for Law Enforcement Memorial Service

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Department will hold a Law Enforcement Memorial Service for their fallen Officer Sean Collier on Wednesday April 24, 2013 at 12:00 hours.
    Officer Collier’s wake and funeral services will be private per the family’s request.
    There will be two staging areas for Law Enforcement Officers located North and South of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Northern staging area will be at The Shriner’s Auditorium located at 99 Fordham Rd. in Wilmington, MA. Exit 39 off of route 93. The Southern staging area for Officers South and West of Cambridge will be at the Massport Lot located on Fid Kennedy Ave. in Boston MA. Directions and hotel information is below.
    All Law Enforcement Officer MUST report to these staging locations between 0700 and 0930. There is ABSOLUTELY no parking in Cambridge. We encourage carpooling to the staging location. There will be no motor vehicle procession for cruisers or motorcycles. You will be asked to return to the staging areas if you drive in.
    ***Please do not contact MIT PD directly*** Direct all questions to the following numbers:
    • General Info 617-349-9434
    • MA state Law Enforcement 617-349-9435
    • Out of State Law Enforcement 617-349-9436
    • Honor Guard 617-349-9437
    All of this information including further details, directions, information, and updates will be posted online at
    We ask that all Law Enforcement agencies that plan to attend Officer Collier’s Memorial Service please RSVP with ONE Point of Contact, planned Honor Guard attendance, and number of Officer’s attending to [email protected] Out of State Officers planning to stay overnight please refer to the website above for all Boston area hotels and transportation.

    Driving from the South and West of Cambridge:
    Massport Lot – Fid Kennedy Ave., Boston
    From North of Boston
    93 South exit #23 on Purchase St., left at top of ramp onto Seaport Blvd. Continue to rotary and onto Northern Ave., left on Tide St., right on FID Kennedy Ave.
    From South of Boston
    93 North exit #18, right on Ham Rd., Right on Northern Ave, Left on Tide St., right on FID Kennedy Ave.
    From West
    Mass. Pike Route 90 East to exit 25 South Boston Exit, Route on Haul Road, right onto Northern Ave., Left onto Tide St. and right onto FID Kennedy Ave.
    Central MA
    Northern staging area will be at The Shriner’s Auditorium located at 99 Fordham Rd. in Wilmington, MA. Exit 39 off of route 93.
    Hotel Information

    50 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02139
    $99.00/ per night
    Residence at Cambridge Center
    Cambridge, MA 02239
    $99.00/ per night
    Holiday Inn Express
    385 Winter Street, Waltham MA 02451
    $111.00/ per night
    Embassy Suites
    550 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451
    $199.00/ per night
    Hilton Garden
    420 Totten Pond Road, Waltham MA 02451
    (781) 890-0100
    $179.00/ per night
    Hyatt Waltham
    54 Fourth Street, Waltham, MA 02451
    (781) 290-0026
    $179.00/ per night
    Aloft Hotel
    727 Marrett Road, Lexington MA 02421
    (781) 761-1700
    $111.00 (Weds Only)
    Specify Government Rate
    Element Hotel
    727 Marrett Road, Lexington MA 02421
    (781) 761-1750
    $111.00 (Weds Only)
    Specify Government Rate
    Homewood Suites
    1 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474
    (781) 883-2713
    $99.00/ per night
    Specify Funeral per Liz Stanton
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    I'm so sorry I can't be there but someone has to keep the show running. Thanks Harry for posting this.
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    MIT Officer Given Long Sought City Police Appointment

    Before MIT campus police officer Sean Collier was executed, allegedly shot five times by the Boston bombing suspects as they tried to flee an FBI dragnet, the 26-year-old had been striving to become a police officer in the nearby city of Somerville.
    Collier joined the MIT police last January, but also worked for the Somerville department as a civilian, and as a volunteer auxiliary officer.
    Now, the Somerville mayor tells ABC News that the city has started a process to posthumously appoint Collier as a city police officer, providing his family with a badge and badge number. The number will be retired, as is custom with fallen officers.
    "He will be thought of and considered forever as a Somerville Police Officer,'' Deputy Somerville Police Chief Michael Cabral said.
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    Sean Collier’s kin will 
receive $100G

    Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology police 
officer Sean Collier’s family will receive a $100,000 state line-of-duty death benefit for sworn special state police officers, officials said.
    House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo introduced an amendment to the latest state budget proposal to 
include funding for the one-time death benefit.
    The benefit is funded only in cases of line-of-duty deaths. Collier, a 
police academy graduate with powers of arrest 
licensed by the state police colonel, already was legally entitled to the benefit, 
said DeLeo spokesman Seth Gitell.
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    The Sunday Globe has a blow by blow account of everything. I've only skimmed it so far, but I liked what I saw.

    Overwhelmed by the news of the latest arrests. Had to hear the whole story before rushing to judge the media as making shit up. I was totally impressed once I learned the details, even without media embelishment. In other words, listen to everything they say, disect it cutting out most of what sound a bit OUT THERE, piece it together and you just might have the truth.

    I am STUNNED, AMAZED, THRILLED and FLABERGASTED that Sean Collier's family will get that death benefit. This sets a HUGE precedent. I truly hate it when something good comes from something horrible. I wish it hadn't taken something like this for something like that. Bittersweet to the extreme.
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    Why wouldn't they?

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    As I understand it, the LODD benefit requires that the state legislature pass a bill to fund the benefit each time a death occurs.
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    He's a private campus officer? Not a municipality?
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    Decipher away... lol
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    I still haven't read the whole thing. I need some time and so far, have found very little free.
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    Hey Guys...Please save the date of Friday May 24th, we are planning a 10-13 (benefit) party for MBTA Police Officer Richard Donohue down in NYC. I will be sending flyers up as soon as they are produced. There are quite of few guys down here who know Dick, and many more of us who know guys that were part of the incident. We all really want to say thanks to you guys for a job well done. We are planning on the NYPD Pipes as well as a couple of other bands. Tickets will be $70.00. If anyone needs any info please PM me. We are also looking for any Pipe Bands from Mass. who would like to come down.
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    It's worth the read. I printed a copy for my "lessons learned" folder.

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    That's very commendable. Damn sure wish I could be there very little doubt it'll be a great blow out. Best of luck with it and bless you for thinking of that.
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