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JACKSON, Miss. --

A Jackson police officer filed a lawsuit against Mayor Frank Melton over an alleged threat that was caught on tape by 16 WAPT News.
Mayor's Alleged Threat Caught On Tape
Jackson Police Officer Robert Watts was interviewed by the FBI prior to the mayor being indicted on federal civil rights charges related to the sledgehammer attack on a home on Ridgeway Street in 2006.
According to the notice of lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the mayor found out federal agents had questioned Watts about the mayor's actions.
Officer Watt's Letter Of Intent To Sue Melton
The Notice of suit quotes Melton as saying to Watts, "I heard you have been running your damn mouth, but that is OK, I got you later, and you'll learn that."
The officer said the mayor had him assigned to Jackson's roughest area because he cooperated with federal investigators.
"Officer Watts wants to shine a light on the police department in terms of the relationship with the mayor," Watts' attorney Dorsey Carson said.
Watts is seeking $250,000 plus punitive damages, unspecified punitive damages and attorney fees.
16 WAPT’s video was subpoenaed by federal investigators and could surface during Melton’s federal trial in January.
But police Chief Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said the mayor had nothing to do with Watts reassignment.
"I have received no instructions, suggestions orders or anything else from the mayor concerning the assignment of this officer,” McMillin said.
Carson said the three year officer has an exemplary record with the department.
"He wants to make sure police officers aren't retaliated against by the mayor for doing what they are sworn to do -- up hold the law," Carson said.
Deputy Chief Ronald Sampson is also named in the pending lawsuit.
Carson said Sampson ordered the reassignment and then lied to Watts and others about the reason.
The actual lawsuit will be filed in 90 days. That's how long the law requires watts to wait after giving this notice.

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