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Hey gang,

I know that missing teens are a dime a dozen but this one is bugging the hell out me for the simple fact that I was the last person to speak with her. If you folks could just check out the information and photo and keep your eyes open I would very much appreciate it.

She was last seen by me in Attleboro on January 21st at around midnight. She hitched a ride from a resident and stated that she needed a ride home, when they could not locate her house they came by the station. When I talked to her she said that she was all set and was going to meet friends at Johny Macs Scoreboard behind the station. She seemed to have her wits about her, was acting normal and I figured it was just someone that was bumming a ride to a bar and let it go at that.

Three months later we find out that she is a runaway from Vermont.

She may still be in the southeastern mass or Rhode Island area.

Thanks in advance,

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VSP has her last seen at the junction of I90 and I91.

That is Holyoke MA area.

I know everyone will keep an eye out for her. I printed her picture so I have it when I get home.

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