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Fort Lauderdale Police Department

A woman in South Florida who had sought a restraining order against her husband disappeared Thursday, the Miami Herald reported.

Josephine Frenna, 51, who recently moved from Canada, previously told a Broward County judge that she and her son were "affraid for our life" because her estranged husband, Gerardo Di Marco, is "violent" and "dangerous," the Herald reported.
Di Marco filed for divorce last week, and Frenna was scheduled to be in court Friday for a hearing on the restraining order against him.
Frenna's 14-year-old son became suspicious Thursday when he returned from school to find his mother's car, purse and cell phone, but no trace of her. Police have searched nearby apartments, hospitals, jails and airlines with no luck.
Frenna's family and friends have been interviewed as well. De Marco was located Friday by Fort Lauderdale police and has been cooperative, police told the Herald.
Frenna's restraining order request claimed her husband had broken through doors with an ax and changed the locks on their home, as well as threatened to throw her off the couple's balcony.
Di Marco had indicated he planned to leave Florida and was seeking joint custody of the couple's son. He tried to get a court order barring Frenna from selling their assets and was named the beneficiary of her life insurance policy, the Herald reported.
Di Marco's attorney, Marc Shelowitzm, told the Miami Herald on Friday he was shocked to hear Frenna was missing.

Click here to read more on this story from the Miami Herald.,2933,409404,00.html
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