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Published: August 16, 2008 03:59 am ShareThisPrintThis
Missing boy, 4, found in Methuen
By Angeljean Chiaramida
Staff writer

SALISBURY - Police are considering charges for the taking of a child after a 4-year-old boy was reported missing yesterday morning from a Railroad Avenue apartment, then found two hours later 25 miles away in Methuen.
According to Salisbury police Detective Mark Thomas, police were called at 9:50 yesterday morning by the boyfriend of the child's mother. The man, whom police refused to name, said after showering, he came out to find the child missing from the house at 66 Railroad Ave. Thomas said there was evidence the child had climbed up to unlatched the door lock from inside and left the house.
Police, Fire Department and State Reservation personnel searched the beach intensively for more than an hour, then learned new information that led them to believe the child may have been abducted, Thomas said.
"We received information that the landlord who lives in the back may have been involved, " Thomas said.
The boyfriend told police that if the landlord had taken the child, he did so without authority. Salisbury detectives were called in to investigate a potential kidnapping.
"We put out a (be on the lookout) alert for his car (a brown Pontiac) to surrounding departments and called the state police," Thomas said. State police sent a helicopter to aid in the search.
After investigating the landlord, police discovered a Methuen connection, Thomas said, and they started "cold calling" places there where they thought he might be. By noon, they found the child.
"We called the boy's grandparents on his mother's side, and they said (the boy) was there," Thomas said. "He appears to have been there about an hour or two."
A Salisbury officer went to Methuen where the child was, Thomas said, and he appeared to be unharmed, Thomas said. Police returned the child to his Salisbury home.
Yesterday, police were unwilling to give the names of any of those involved with the case or comment about how they believe the child got to Methuen from Salisbury.
Thomas said the investigation into the incident is continuing. After completed, police will determine if charges will be filed against any of those involved in the case. They are looking into possible charges stemming from the taking of a child or possibly filing for child neglect.
Thomas said although the landlord is a "person of interest," in the case, police do not believe he poses a danger to other children.
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