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ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING, except ammo which the transaction is to be done face-to-face

ASP expandable Kubaton key ring $10

EMPTY Pistol Boxes (from Real Steel guns) EMPTY
Glock black Box $30 can fit glocks and some others
S&W black Box $25 foam inserts can fit any pistol
Reg black Pistol Box (No real steel affiliation) $20 foam inserts can fit any pistol

319 rds TOTAL of 9mm ammo (for REAL STEEL firearm) Price $75.
Listed below; also will be willing to trade for 40 cal ammo.
50 rds Remington 9mm JHP 115 gr
50 rds Federal 9mm JHP 115 gr
35 rds Winchester 9mm JHP ??? gr
74 rds Winchester 9mm JHP 147 gr
110 rds Winchester 9mm TCMC 147 gr
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