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Mini motor cycles

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Revised 8/18/05​

Tried to cut and paste PDF, but it did not come out good, check the link above.

Basically the "monkey Bikes" are now scooters and subject to MGL90.1E
1st off. $25
2nd $50 and
3rd $100
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no$.10 said:
I don't know where you are, but in the NE part of Mass, most towed bikes are never claimed. (go figure), so the companies are making plenty.

I always thought there was a minimum charge anytime the driver hooks up. (That's what I've always told the motoring public, anyway):argue:
It should be $90 for the hook, $20/ calender day storage the seond it hits the impound. Most of these dopes will go buy another retardmobile instead of paying the $ to get the first one back. Either way, hook em!
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