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A Milwaukee police is in custody after being accused of taking money while on the job.
Police officials said that the officer was arrested after a sting operation.
Investigators said they had started to suspect that the officer was taking money.
The criminal complaint states that Officer Jeff Buckson was called out to a report of a suspicious vehicle and a man loitering. The situation was set up by police.
After Buckson and his partner searched the car, they recovered $530, officers said. The money was planted as part of the sting.
When he made it back to District 3 headquarters, Buckson only inventoried $430, investigators said.
Police searched his work locker and found the missing $100 in a gym bag.
According to the report, Buckson told investigators he "took the money because he was having money problems and has had family issues for the past 14 years."
Milwaukee police issued a statement about the incident saying "it was other officers who brought this matter to the attention of the department," and that Chief Ed Flynn "is committed to supporting ethical, honorable police work and to punishing conduct that dishonors the shield of the Milwaukee Police Department."

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