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Just wanted to see how many Military Police (Air Force, Army Navy Marine)/DOD Police officers are on here...
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Hooah, where are you working??
No kidding I work in CE at HAFB, going on my eigth year in june. Finishing up SF academy next week the back to Mass (Otis ANGB) looking to do 180 at either Hanscom or Otis...wonder if we know each other??
Tackleberry";p="56318 said:
Hey AFCOP do you drive the Black Chevy S-10 with the Thin Blue Line plate?

We have 2 ANG cops from Pease AFB that are doing a year of Active Duty on Hanscom I think the program is called ARC or something like that. With all the people we're deploying you'd be helping us out a lot if you could get Active orders here.

By the way how are you getting on the internet? Shouldn't you be out in the field at Camp Bullis living in those little smelly broken ass wooden shacks? Or maybe it's just changed since I went through 3 years ago.
No actually I drive the green chevy 3500 with the blue line plate, I wonder who drives the s10?? could be new...
I can't wait to get back to mass, texass blows! I'll be heading back into work in CE the tuesday the 22nd....what shift are you working? I might be working nights up there not sure yet...(2200-0600) they'e running a night shift right now so I'm told.
I sent you an email on here with my work email address, if you can hook me up with a POC at the 66th for the augmentee program so I can get the infor on possibly working out of HAFB that would be great...
Talk to you later and we'll probably be running into eachother soon...

two more days until I get my badge and beret...this new 13 week course is for the birds!
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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