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Military dad makes daughter a camouflage prom dress

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, May 2, 2013.

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    Military dad makes daughter a camouflage prom dress

    Published May 02, 2013
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      David Herron made a camouflage prom dress for his youngest daughter, Mariah, 17, in Marshfield, Wis. (CASEY LAKE/NEWS-HERALD MEDIA)
    When Wisconsin teen Mariah Herron found it too hard to track down the camouflage prom dress of her dreams, she turned to her own fairy godmother: her father.
    Not content with the fluffy pink dresses her peers at Marshfield High School were sure to wear, Mariah, 17, sought a dress that reflected her individuality and affinity for hunting and wielding power tools, the Marshfield News-Herald reports.
    Unable to find the right dress in stores, Mariah asked her father for his help.

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    It could have been worse he could have made her a ghillie suit for her prom dress and by the looks of that dress looks like he thought about it.
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    No chastity belt made out of a flack jacket?
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    Why is this news?
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    ......I'd imagine she's going alone
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