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The search continued Wednesday night for a bank robber who escaped after a wild and dangerous police chase that ended in a crash.
A Southfield police officer and two innocent drivers were hurt Wednesday in the accident that happened in Southfield along the Southfield service drive. The bank robbery took place a few miles away at the Bank of America at 13 Mile and Telegraph roads in Bingham Farms Wednesday.
According to police, the alleged get-away car was driven by a woman who slammed head-on into a Southfield police squad car and then hit two other vehicles.
"My car is destroyed," said Danielle Draper. "It hit my car from the front and made me spin."
The second driver, John Whitby, said the suspect's car seemed to come out of nowhere. "I looked in the rearview mirror and this little black car was flying down behind us," Whitby said.
"It sounded like something had... like a bomb or something," added Jim Sheridon, who also witnessed the accident.
Police believe that before the crash, the female driver helped a male friend rob the Bank Of America in Bingham Farms. Police said she then dropped the male friend off in the area of Telegraph and 12 Mile roads.
The chase and crash, according to police, took place minutes later when an officer spotted a vehicle matching the robber's description and gave pursuit.
"I saw her (the female get-away driver) coming but there was nothing you could do," said Sheridon. "I couldn't get away."
Sheridon was not seriously hurt. The police officer suffered a minor injury to his arm, and Draper is also expected to be ok.
"It could have been worse," Draper said. "Yes, yes. (looking at all the damage) I thank the Lord I'm still here."
The female suspect was treated at the scene in an ambulance before being taken into custody.
Police believe the bank robber may still be armed because shots were fired during the robbery.

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