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By Christina Stolarz
The Detroit News

NEW HAVEN, Mich. - A 24-year-old man was charged Monday with three counts of assault with intent to commit murder -- a felony punishable to up to life in prison -- on accusations he shot a New Haven police officer in both hands who was responding to an incident Saturday morning at the Meadow Creek mobile home community.
Andrew Polsgrove of New Haven also was charged in New Baltimore District Court with three counts of felony firearm, which carries a penalty of two years in prison.
Polsgrove is accused of firing a rifle at different mobile homes and then turning it on Officer Derek Reed after Reed shot at him, Police Chief Michael Henry said.
New Baltimore District Court Judge Paul Cassidy set a $1 million bond. Polsgrove will appear in court Sept. 29 for a preliminary hearing.
Reed and Officer David Fajardo responded to multiple calls on the incident around 2 a.m. Saturday. As they approached the area where the shots were being fired, Reed saw a man kneeling and pointing a rifle at him from a few trailers away, Henry said. Reed fired the first shot, and then Polsgrove fired the rifle, sending a bullet through a trailer he used as a barricade, police said. One shot struck Reed in both hands; Fajardo was not injured.
"I don't know if the bullet fragmented," Henry said, adding that Reed "is doing much better."
Reed, a five-year veteran of the department, was treated Saturday at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center and released. He's expected to undergo surgery Tuesday to repair a tendon in his left hand and is expected to return to work after physical therapy, Henry said.
Authorities are still unsure why Polsgrove -- who had no previous contact with the police -- began shooting. Polsgrove fired the first shot inside his mobile home near 27 Mile and Gratiot, which he shares with his wife and her 10-year-old son. She ran out of the home and was not injured; her child was not home at the time.
Polsgrove's family expressed support for him as officers led him from the courtroom Monday. Through sobs, they told him they loved him and were trying to obtain an attorney.
Polsgrove's wife, who did not want to give her name, told The Detroit News on Monday that Polsgrove has been under stress on his job as a carpenter.
"This is not my husband," she said. "My husband would never do this. He would never harm me. He would never harm our son."
She did acknowledge that Polsgrove, who does not normally drink, was drunk at the time of the incident; they had attended a friend's birthday party earlier Friday night. He was also taking a pain prescription after undergoing oral surgery last week, she said.
She said the initial shot Polsgrove fired was accidental.
"I'm sure he didn't know it was loaded. My husband is so distraught over the fact that he's harmed" Reed, she said, noting that they know Reed through their involvement in the Neighborhood Watch program. "He doesn't remember what happened after he grabbed the gun.
"We're deeply sorry to Officer Reed and his family."
Polsgrove's mother, Mary Watters, said she spoke to Polsgrove on Friday for about 40 minutes, trying to calm him down after his work-related problem. Watters said he indicated he wanted to kill himself.

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