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MGL 266 SEC 69

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How do you read this law and is it enforced in your department? Just want some feed back.
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Whoever, not being a member of a society, association or labor union, for the purpose of representing that he is a member thereof, wilfully wears or uses the insignia, ribbon, badge, rosette, button or emblem thereof, if it has been registered in the office of the state secretary, shall be punished by a fine of not more than twenty dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one month, or both.

This law is very trick any you have to take it word by word. I heard of an officer that charged a person with this for an MPA sticker and all hell broke loose. First, it created a problem that the judge could not believe there is a decal out there that might get you out of a ticket. Secondly, look word for word. Just having it on your vehicle is not saying you are representing you are a member and uses had a different meaning. This law was created to protect associations from having their seals used by companies or some of these nuts going around asking for police donations. The case was dismissed and the DA office said they never want to see a case like that again.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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