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(Tombstone, Arizona) Two illegal aliens from Mexico, Eliaquim Lopez, 21, and Jesus Tapia, no age reported, were arrested after a traffic stop led to an assault on an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer.
The vehicle, which had been pulled over for unsafe lane use, stopped and then sped away as the officer approached the vehicle, stopping in a dirt pullout, according to the DPS.

The driver, also an illegal immigrant, tried to run, then the officer tried to restrain him, at which time the officer was attacked by a passenger who attempted to choke him. After the officer broke free, the men fled.

Six other illegal immigrants were in the vehicle and held at gunpoint by the officer until help arrived. The two men who fled were arrested by Border Patrol agents at about 11:20 p.m. Thursday.​
Lopez and Tapia were booked into custody at the Cochise County Jail.

Since the reaction to a traffic stop is met with violence against the police, one might suggest that the run-of-the-mill illegal has no fear nor respect for law enforcement officers.
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