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Published: September 01, 2008 03:59 am ShareThisPrintThis
Men held in connection with murder
By dan atkinson
Staff writer

NEWBURY - Two local men have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the death of a Dover, N.H., man, found dead Friday evening.
Scott Mazzone, 40, and Derek Saunders, 25, both of 20 Fruit St., Byfield, were arrested over the weekend by state and Newbury police, according to a news release from the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.
Police were seen taking a man with cuffs on both his wrists and ankles into custody at the Newbury police station yesterday afternoon. The man appeared to be in his 40s and was wearing only jeans shorts and socks. The regional SWAT team, or Northeast Regional Merrimack Valley Special Operations Unit, was used in the investigation, according to area police departments.
The two men are being held on fugitive from justice charges after the investigation into the death of David King, 46, of 81 Old Dover Point Road. Police responded to King's home shortly after 7 p.m. Friday, where he was found dead. Associate Attorney General Ann Rice said she could not comment on who found King's body or whether there were signs of breaking and entering into the home.
After an autopsy yesterday morning, Chief Medical Examiner Tom Andrew concluded King's death was a homicide, according to the press release, but the medical examiner's office is not releasing the cause of death.
According to published reports, neighbors said King shared his house with his girlfriend, Dianna Saunders, and her two children. One neighbor also said she saw two men in camouflage come up to King's house from the woods in his back yard at about 6:30 p.m., and another neighbor reported seeing a suspicious Jeep Cherokee with Massachusetts license plates in the area, according to those reports.
Newbury police arrested Saunders on a warrant in August 2007, according to police reports, and Mazzone recently saw a charge of assault and battery dismissed in Newburyport District Court and a charge of domestic assault and battery not prosecuted, according to court records.
Both will be arraigned in Newburyport District Court on Tuesday at 9 a.m.
Rice said the Attorney General's office will seek to extradite the two men to New Hampshire.
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