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Weapons Stolen From Police Officer's Home

Video: Police Say They Found Weapons, Electronics During Arrest

LOWELL, Mass. -- Police in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts said they suspect that two men arrested Tuesday are responsible for a string of break-ins.

Investigators said they recovered guns, ammunition and electronic items in the arrest in Lowell. Steven Hardy, 21, and Vincenzo Porfino, 26, face several charges in Massachusetts that include receiving stolen property.

Police said they believe the guns were stolen from the house of a Milford, N.H., police officer on Monday morning.
"(An officer) then told Mr. Porfino that he had information that he and Mr. Hardy had stolen several firearms from a police officer in New Hampshire, and Mr. Porfino began to shake, and he stated the cop's guns were inside the glove compartment," prosecutor Michael Rubin said.

Authorities said several other items were also taken, including the officer's badge and two other personal handguns.

"One of the department-issued firearms was recovered as a result of that warrant and a personally owned firearm," Milford Chief Fred Douglas said. "There is still one outstanding missing in the street."

Police are also investigating whether the men are connected to burglaries in Greenville and Wilton, where police said a house was entered on Monday. Investigators said they found evidence linked to the Milford break-in at the scene in Wilton.

"They stole electronics, digital cameras," said Wilton Chief Brent Hautanen. "They damaged the interior of the residence, apparently searching for things. They also tried to steal a large plasma TV that they damaged, but once they damaged it, they left it at the scene."

Hardy and Porfino currently face no charges in New Hampshire and are being held on bail in Lowell.
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