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MD Troopers "Jailed" While Helping In Louisiana

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WATERLOO -- Maryland State Police troopers from the Waterloo barrack returned last week after traveling to Louisiana to help local law enforcement there following Hurricane Gustav.A team of 20 troopers and two communications workers drove to Livingston Parish, La., on Sept. 2.
The hurricane struck Louisiana on Sept. 1 as a Category 2 storm, leaving at least 29 people dead and requiring roughly $470 million in federal aid.
State police workers assisted the local sheriff's office, providing curfew enforcement and shelter security. After each 12-hour shift, the team returned to stay in the newly built Livingston Parish Detention Center.
Troopers could chose to stay in a cell or dormitory area. Most chose a cell because the cells were darker and easier to sleep in.
The team, which arrived Wednesday night, also helped with a number of assault and DUI arrests during their stay in Louisiana, as well as an investigation involving the theft of alligator eggs valued at $200,000.
Police launch recruiting efforts
Maryland State Police is looking for a few good men and women to become troopers.
While a trooper's basic duties include investigating traffic crashes and criminal incidents, and issuing citations, many are assigned to specialized divisions and units, such as Drug Enforcement and Homeland Security.
The benefits of joining state police include a take-home vehicle, the ability to earn college credits, health coverage, paid leave, annual salary increases, a retirement package and a clothing allowance.
The starting salary for a trooper is $40,989. Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 59 to start a career with the agency.
Maryland State Police has a cadet program for those between the ages of 17 and 19 who are interested in becoming troopers.
That program exposes participants to the duties and responsibilities of a trooper. Time spent as a cadet also counts toward retirement; the starting salary for a cadet is $23,796.
Anyone interested in working for Maryland State Police should attend an applicant orientation. The informational meetings take place throughout the state.
For information about orientations, visit the recruitment section online at, or call 410-653-4337.

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