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I'll assume you're talking about the basic qualification. It's rather straight forward and if you've passed any other qual you'll most likely do alright with it.

Simply 50 rounds duty ammo. While the Instructor/Range officer has some latitude standard is
10rds at 25yds (5 strong hand/ 5 weak)
10 rds at 15yds
Remaining at 10yds and closer (10,7,3)
At the 25yd all 10 on one command
at the 15yd 5rds each command
The remaining are single and double taps. All start with holstered and secured weapon. You are responsible to reload on your own when needed.
(ie instructor will not remind you.)

Instuctor may work-in kneeling position, Ive seen some eliminate the 25yd and move the rounds into the 15 and closer/

Target is standard silouette and in the black counts outside don't. 80% is passing.
Also in regards to your other post 96% or better quals as expert.
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