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Discussion in 'Ask A Cop' started by Connorfarley1212, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. PG1911

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    Forced OT was a major issue at my jail. I understand that it's just a reality of shift work, but it got out of control there. It was the same deal as MBTA the summer before I started: If you were low on the seniority list, you couldn't expect a day off between June and September. Also, we worked 12s, so that meant you wouldn't see your family for more than a couple hours a week total. I managed to miss this as I got hired in mid-September, but when I started on shift that fall, I was still getting hit almost once a week for at least one extra shift, which is a lot when you're on 12s. The next summer that I worked there wasn't as bad; I worked a number of short voluntary OT shifts which helped me avoid getting mandated. Plus the jail had gone $4 million over budget with all the forced OT and so the county told them no more OT for a few months. We just worked with skeleton crews then.

    The reason mandation was such a problem was that it was weaponized. We had a power hungry dickhead for a scheduling captain, and he preferred to mandate instead of taking volunteers. In fact, he'd deny everyone for OT for a shift on the grounds that everything was covered. Then, he'd come up with a reason why we needed more coverage and, instead of just giving the OT back to those who signed up, he'd just start mandating people. Also, even if he had coverage for a shift, he'd mandate a huge number of officers on the grounds that he was anticipating a lot of call offs. Even if there wasn't any call offs and the jail was fully staffed, he wouldn't less the mandated officers go home; he'd "find something for them to do." Also, if you pissed off his wife, who was an officer there, and a total cunt, if he caught wind of a day off that you were hoping and praying would stay open, you got hit.
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    That's terrible and poor management no matter where you work. Sounds like someone had little power anywhere else so he decided to prove to everyone it's his world and you'll do it his way. People like that should never be in charge of anything.
  3. EUPD377

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    This. With the COVID pandemic and gathering restrictions where I’m at, there have been no overtime or extra duty opportunities for going on 6 months now. Some of the officers at my department who rely on working 20+ hours of extra duty a week to make payments on their brand new F350 and boat are really hurting right now because they didn’t think ahead.
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    Why wouldn't a candidate ask about overtime potential? Forced overtime is a moral killer and often a deal breaker. Most cops are used to making 100k with OT and details. So if you're stuck at 66k base pay that impacts applicants decisions to leave their current job for another.

    Like I said the mbta will force you to work copious amounts of overtime. It is what it is. Don't want to work more then 40 hours a week and skate then don't work there.... ..
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  5. Kilvinsky

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    Though not a POLICE job, according to the news, a job may have opened up with the MBTA this morning.

    God forgive me, that was not appropriate, and yet I can't NOT post this......
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