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Northeaster Tactical Schools Presents
Mastering the Defensive Snubby

Overview / Mastering the Defensive Snubby

Attention short barrel revolver owners! Looking to exploit the snubby's every tactical advantage? This course teaches you how to get every advantage out of the snub revolver. Course includes: Forgotten snubby advantages, unconventional carries, draws, shooting positions, speed reloading, single-handed shooting and reloading with the dominant hand and non-dominant hand, equipment options, laser grip drills (lasers provided), contact shooting, snubby specific weapon retention, safely shooting through pockets, and snub specific gunfight strategy. This course is perfect for the legally armed individual who currently carries a short barrel, self defense revolver. Shooters of all skill levels are welcome, but students MUST be familiar with the handling of a firearm under stressful situations.

Course Topics Include:
25 Reasons Why The Snubby Beats The Semi-Auto

Snubby: Primary Or Back-Up?
Ammo Options For The Snubby
Practical Features For The Serious Social Snubby
Snubby Draw - Draw Like You're Cheating And You Mean It
Shoot Through The Pocket Without Ruining The Coat
The Long Shot: Shooting At 9 Feet And Beyond
The Fast Shot: Shooting At 5 Feet And In
The Snubby As Emergency Impact Weapon
Snubby Specific Weapon Retention
Contact Shooting
Shooting Positions: It Isn't All Stand-Up
How To Shoot (And Re-Load) The Snubby With The Flashlight
Laser Grips And Laser Grip Drills That Mean Something
Speed Loader And Speed Strip Tricks
One Handed Reloading With The Dominant And Non-Dominant Hand
Snubby Specific Gunfight Strategies

Student Equipment List:
Snubby Revolver (3" or under - any model)
200 cartridges (factory new)
Shooting glasses, Ear covers and Bill cap
Work gloves
A shirt or cover garment (this will be shot through so don't bring your favorite sweatshirt)
Holster (the one that you actually carry your snubby in)
Minimum of 2 speed loaders (1st choice: any Safariland model, 2nd choice: HKS)
2 speed strips (Optional - Available for loan)
Tactical Flashlight with spare batteries
2 pens
Cleaning kit
Lunch, beverages/water and snacks

Dates / Locations:

June 24, 2005 | Harvard, MA
August 26, 2005 | Harvard, MA
October 15, 2005 | Springfield, MA

Time: 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $150

Please contact Michael de Bethencourt at [email protected]

Telephone 978-667-5591.
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