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Most of you have noticed a serious downgrade in the sites performance over the past three weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. The actions of the current hosting company yesterday along with the lack of tech support, server downtime and hosting spam sites have all prompted this move.

Adam (also a MassCops member) from located in Marlborough has offered several times in the past to host this site and I have finally taken him up on the offer. He is really doing us a huge favor by bailing us out from the company that we are with now.

Over the next day or two the site will be offline at various times while we move to our new hosting company here in Massachusetts.

Once we are back online I do expect the usually script errors that occurred last time we moved so please drop me a line with any problems with the site that you encounter.

Thanks for your understanding,

Posted Fri Sep 03, 10:27:

The move from E3 Servers to ServerCity is complete. I think that I have addressed the few errors that I noticed once the move was completed. If anyone has a problem with the way the site is functioning please drop me a line.

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