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RSS Feeds and How to Use Them

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and is an XML standard. Essentially though it's a simple way to share information (usually news). The best way to think of it is like a newsgroup controlled by us. Since Your RSS news reader retrieves the content from out site, you can also switch it on and off easily, so there is no problem with spam when using RSS.

If you already use RSS feeds then you should just need the link to MassCops from this button:

Right now the feed consist of the 50 most recent posts from all public forums. I am working on a separate one for employment postings.

If you are new to using RSS then you will first either need a standalone RSS reader, or a plugin to extend an existing application such as Microsoft outlook. Here is a list of popular RSS applications:

RSS Reader

Free to download and use, although you'll need to have the very latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework installed to use it. Runs in your system tray and alerts you of any new headlines, and can even run your browser to display topics.

Newsgator Extremely popular application that runs in Microsoft Outlook.

Mozilla News Monster News, weblog, and RSS reader that runs directly in your web browser

Mozilla RSS Reader Panel RSS Feed Reader Extension for Mozilla Firebird

Feed Demon Stand alone news reader

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Hey Gil;

I'm working from a Gov't computer. Because I'm not an administrator I cna't download anything such as new programs. Will I still be able to see posts? I also have several filters on this computer. Actually surprised I was able to communicate on this forum. :lol:

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No you would need to download the application, it's just like a news group reader if you have ever used one of those. It's simply a more convenient way to keep tabs on the latest posts.

An another alternative is to subscribe to the email list on the main page under the recent topics. This will send you an email of the latest 50 topics posted on the board once a day.

Posted Thu Nov 04, 23:35:

You could also do software to download...

Recent Topics on your desktop by Gil at Sat 10 Jul 09:20

If you wish to have the recent topics from MassCops display on your desktop do this(using windows xp, although it should be similar with win95/98/me):

1- Right-Click on your desktop
2- Select 'Properties'
4- Click on the 'Customize Desktop' Button
5- Click on the 'Web' tab
6- Click on where it says 'new' (next to a list of web pages)
7- Add the following location (make sure you click on the check box next to the address after you add it to the list)
8- Click 'OK' on all windows
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