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What We Do

What is the MSLF?

The Fund is a non-profit organization that seeks to honor Massachusetts fallen Servicemen and Women by helping their children defray the costs of their college education. By providing tuition grants to each child each year of their college careers, the Fund seeks to address a major future financial concern for these families and to assure them that their tragic losses will not be forgotten as time passes.
The MSL Fund has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.
All donations are tax-deductible. MSL Fund IRS Tax #: 20-1909556
When was the MSLF established?

The MSLF was formed on December 1, 2004 as a senior thesis project by Peter Trovato at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Who is eligible?

Children of Massachusetts (home of record at the Department of Defense) Servicemembers who died while fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan are eligible to participate in the Fund. There is no selection process. If the student is a child of a Serviceman or Woman whose service is credited to Massachusetts and gave his/her life in Operation Enduring or Iraqi Freedom, that student qualifies for funds. Prior to each school year, the trustees will distribute equal grant shares to those students who qualify. The only requirement for recipients will be that they have filed applications establishing that they are qualified, and that they remain enrolled in the undergraduate or postgraduate program at the college or university.
How many children are currently eligible?

To date, over 100 Servicemembers from Massachusetts have been killed. Of these casualties, 38 were parents who left behind a total of 62 children ranging from newborns to twenty years of age. All of these children are now eligible to receive funding through the MSLF program.
How can I contribute?

MSLF / Donate

There are few better ways to honor those noble hero's who have died so that we could be free.
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