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Now do you think if Coupe was using it the for sale sign would be on it.

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BOSTON (AP) ― Gov. Deval Patrick is ordering a little used state airplane sold as part of his sweeping budget cutting plan.

But unlike Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who famously ordered a state-owned jet worth more than $2 million sold, Massachusetts' official aircraft is a lowly Cessna airplane, purchased in 1974 for just $22,000.

It's sitting in a hangar in Norwood and is owned by the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, which at one time used it to travel to small airports for inspections.

The last time anyone logged hours on the plane was a year ago.

Officials said the airplane could sell for between $40,000 and $60,000 -- and save taxpayers nearly $28,000 a year in maintenance and storage fees.
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