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GRAFTON (FOX 25 / A traffic stop turned into a major heroin bust on Route 90 Thursday.

While traveling on Route 90 eastbound in Grafton at about 2:45 p.m., a Mass. State Police sergeant claims he witnessed a brown Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling over the speed limit in the left lane. The sergeant pulled the Jeep over and called in a member of the K-9 team after the driver and the passenger gave different stories regarding their travel plans.

Once on the scene, Mass. State Police say the K-9 "immediately" alerted to the scent of narcotics coming from the Jeep's rear passenger door, as well as the rear cargo area.

State Police say investigators found three large plastic cylinders inside a black bag during a search of the car. They claim the cylinders contained a total weight of three kilograms of heroin.

The driver of the car, 51-year-old Ronnie L. Searcy of Hyde Park, was held on $340,000 cash bail on charges that include speeding, failure to keep right, and trafficking heroin.


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