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Their Sgt.’s are essentially patrolman. The rank is simply because they supervise the public safety guys that check ID’s at the dorms.

So think of it as a per diem Officer.

Pharmacy was my first gig back in 2008 and they were paying about $15.00 back then for per diem / part time. Very low key, no heavy lifting, the school treats you pretty well in terms of benefits and compensation for the full time staff. I remember getting a $100 visa gift card from the admin as a “bonus” around Christmas time. The full timers got over $200 I think.

Point being it’s a decent gig if you don’t mind a low key, security-ish type role. Not much in the way of police work going on, but it’s a good side hustle for anyone looking to make some extra money.

They get details for events at the school like any other college.

Disclaimer My intel is 13 years old.
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