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Mass Cops Meet and Greet?

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Anyone interested in a MassCops meet and greet? My wife opened a bar in Fitchburg 2 months ago and I would be willing to throw together a little buffet if you folks wanted to get together. Since police week is coming up, I thought it would be a good time to throw this out there to give us the opportunity to put faces with names and do a little networking. I would also get the word out to local pd's that we are having a law enforcement night...Any thoughts? If this goes off...PLEASE DON'T BRING ME YOUR RESUME THAT NIGHT! :)
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Sure, plenty of water on the buffet! And of course silly, the bar is open, only $2.50 a beer until she closes! What a bargain!
I know Charlie Perry well, he is a super guy. Still works the volunteer ambulance here in town. He was in my office a couple of weeks ago talking to me about his MIT days.

As far as a date for this gathering, I was thinking about next Friday...anyone interested PM me so I can get a head count to see if its worthwhile doing.
$2.50 bottles, 1.75 pints :)
Okay....Let's set the date for Friday, 5/20/05 @ 2000 hrs.

I need to get a head count by 5/18/05.

Dempsey's Pub
151 Clarendon Street
Fitchburg, MA

I'll post directions when we figure out if this is going to happen.
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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