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Mass Cops Meet and Greet?

Discussion in 'MassCops News' started by chief801, May 10, 2005.

  1. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    Anyone interested in a MassCops meet and greet? My wife opened a bar in Fitchburg 2 months ago and I would be willing to throw together a little buffet if you folks wanted to get together. Since police week is coming up, I thought it would be a good time to throw this out there to give us the opportunity to put faces with names and do a little networking. I would also get the word out to local pd's that we are having a law enforcement night...Any thoughts? If this goes off...PLEASE DON'T BRING ME YOUR RESUME THAT NIGHT! :)
  2. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special


    Keep J809 AWAY from the h'oures dervies and I'll show up! I'll even brush my teeth for the occasion
  3. Southside

    Southside New Member

    Can Dunny be my date?
  4. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    Sure, plenty of water on the buffet! And of course silly, the bar is open, only $2.50 a beer until she closes! What a bargain!
  5. kttref

    kttref New Member

    Ya know, I was thinking about doing a MassCops baseball outting...but down here in CT at the Bluefish! I'm too lazy to go to Mass :) Have fun everyone (if you do end up doing it!)
  6. Southside

    Southside New Member

    I'm in.....if I am off! Post the date!


    Bring some toys from Paddleboro....this is Dunny's request that she pm'd me. She is shy lately!
  7. Officer Dunngeon

    Officer Dunngeon Out of the Loop

    Not one word out of you, Gil. Not one. :-#


    This sounds like the infamous yet phantom "Masscops Bash" that was always talked about but never quite happened. :lol:

    Sure, I'm game! Please enter the lottery now to be my date. :wub: No, you can't ride on the back of my bike!!! :oops:
  8. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Oh the fun I could have with that one.....LMAO!!!! :lol:

    chief sounds like it could be fun, we talked about it in the past but never actually had one. I think many were concerned about the cost of the police details that would be needed to keep this group under control. :twisted:

    Anyone that would like to host such an event feel free, if it's close enough to home and time permitting I will be there ;)
  9. Mitpo62

    Mitpo62 Subscribing Member

    I'm in. I'll bring along the cheese to go with the whine. By the way chief, do you know Charlie Perry? Great man, one good cop. :yes:
  10. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    I know Charlie Perry well, he is a super guy. Still works the volunteer ambulance here in town. He was in my office a couple of weeks ago talking to me about his MIT days.

    As far as a date for this gathering, I was thinking about next Friday...anyone interested PM me so I can get a head count to see if its worthwhile doing.
  11. Philly

    Philly MassCops Member

    I would drive down for a game, just pick a game when they play the Pride. I just love Bridgeport after dark.
  12. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    I'll be in Worcester the 1st week in June, which bar in Fitchburg is it, we'll probably be looking for a watering hole while I'm there.

    $2.50 a beer :shock: I forgot what the prices are in Mass, down here I pay $1.00 a draft, not to mention the 2 for 1 happy hours!!!

    Have fun.

    PS - Hire a deputy sheriff for your detail, I hear the only charge 1/2 price :D
  13. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    $2.50 bottles, 1.75 pints :)
  14. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    I guess I could handle that 8)
  15. EOD1

    EOD1 Subscribing Member

    ah damn i will have to go AWOL for that! Or you guys could all get sauced get on RT 95 pick me up in VA then we could hit the keys. where the few from the LAPD would meet us.

    oh and some1 pick up kate on teh way down.
  16. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    Or you could all head west instead of down south!
  17. kttref

    kttref New Member

    Haha Jake, I'd be driving! I don't drink! But thanks for the thought.

    Philly - I'll look into the schedule and see what I can do.
  18. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    I am all for it, hey chief post a date A.S.A.P, I need to put for a vac day at least 5 days in advance, and you know ill have to get a hotel cause my ass aint driving to the Cape or anywhere else for that matter.
  19. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    I second that! Post a date and lets see what happens..
  20. Officer Dunngeon

    Officer Dunngeon Out of the Loop

    Can the Crown Vic sparkies come too? :mrgreen:
  21. chief801

    chief801 Subscribing Member

    Okay....Let's set the date for Friday, 5/20/05 @ 2000 hrs.

    I need to get a head count by 5/18/05.

    Dempsey's Pub
    151 Clarendon Street
    Fitchburg, MA

    I'll post directions when we figure out if this is going to happen.
  22. DODK911

    DODK911 MassCops Member

    Chief sign me up! thats 1 :lol:
  23. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    Hey Chief801 do you mind if I crash at your station? I heard you have the softest metal benches in the state. I heard officer J809 will tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story. J809 Who loves you baby!!
  24. EOD1

    EOD1 Subscribing Member

    how about memorial day weekend, i could drive home? the whole world needs to cater to me, didn't u guys and gal get the memo? i'll make sure u all get the memo again.
  25. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    Count me in, het chief, whats a good hotel up there?

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