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Mass Contsables Office?

Discussion in 'Whacker Central' started by Glockguy17, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Great movie :cool:
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    I just talked with a constable today. He is a retired court officer now in his seventies.

    He said he gets a lot of good, easy gigs, but the down side is that, to get the good stuff from the attorneys who dole this work out, he has to accept the occasional unpleasant work. In the morning he was serving some piece of paper in my suburban town. In the afternoon he would to go to Dorchester to serve the execution of summary process -- that is the part where the constable shows up with the movers to actually put the tenant out on the street.

    As I have said before on this forum: I am a landlord and have needed to evict tenants. One time a constable corrected me on the complicated summary process law and saved me some time, effort, and money. He was a pro, interested in doing a good job for his employer and making money for his efforts. He was worlds away from worrying about the ancient (and, admittedly, still current) authority of Massachusetts constables to arrest "violent felons" and assorted misdemeanants for breaches of the peace, etc.
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    These guys have a blacked out Ford Explorer with lights and all.. Unbelievable

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    They get to choose between an SUV or shirts that fit them. Sounds like they made the right choice.
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