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Marine Pilot Recieves British Honor

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Rhode Island Helicopter Pilot Rescued British Soldier

    LONDON -- A Marine helicopter pilot from Rhode Island who rescued a wounded British soldier in Iraq received a rare British honor.

    Queen Elizabeth presented the Distinguished Flying Cross to Maj. William Chesarek, 32, of Newport, Wednesday.

    Britain's news agency said Chesarek is believed to be the first American to be honored since World War II.
    Chesarek was flying a Lynx helicopter for British forces in an exchange program. He braved hostile fire to evacuate a wounded British officer in Al Amara province in June.

    British Private Michelle Norris of the Royal Army Medical Corps received the Military Cross for her action in attending to the wounded officer.
  2. Mongo

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    Just another day for a brother Marine.

    Wonder how big that medal is cuz them limeys have sum pretty gawky shit on their uniforms.
  3. Danman

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    thats great. love to hear this stuff..
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  5. Mongo

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    See I knew it was a biggie.

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