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Marietta School Bus Chaos Posted On YouTube

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Parents are criticizing Marietta school officials after video of a chaotic school bus ride was posted on YouTube.

The incident began last Friday, when school officials said the driver pulled over to write up students who were being unruly.

A cell phone camera captured students on the bus getting more upset, after the students claimed the bus driver refused to let them off.

The students can be seen and heard on the video screaming for help. Students are also seen jumping off the bus through the emergency exit
One of those students, DeBrandon Harris, said he was suspended from school and cannot return until further notice.

"I didn't do anything wrong. I was fearing for my life," Harris said.

But the Marietta High School student and his mother believe that he's being made a scapegoat for the other students.

"This doesn't look good on my college application," Harris said.

Thomas Algarin, the communications director for Marietta city schools, told CBS 46 News Monday that this was the bus driver's first solo run with these students. It may also be her last. The driver is being removed from her duties pending an investigation.

When the driver finally stopped in a shopping center parking lot, furious parents confronted her.

Susan Caudill said she talked to her son while he was stuck on the bus.

"If you had heard what I heard on the phone, including 'I'm being kidnapped,' it would take some years off your life," Caudill said.

Another parent, Jerrea Harris watched the video and said she never wants to see anything like this again.

"This is unbelievable. I'm very concerned," Harris said.

The video has been removed from YouTube.

School officials did not release the bus driver's name. They said the investigation is ongoing.

Officials said they will talk to all of the students who were on the bus.
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