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Marathon Lawsuit: Woman recalls motorcycle impact, aftermath

Discussion in 'State Police' started by kwflatbed, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Art Illman/for Daily New and Wicked Local

    Norma Shulman of Framingham testifies yesterday during a civil trial in Middlesex Superior Court against a state police motorcyclist who struck her during the 2007 Boston Motorcycle.

    WOBURN —
    Was it a simple accident or an abuse of power?
    Lawyers for the state police and a Framingham woman who was hit by a police motorcyclist on the Boston Marathon sidelines in 2007 offered their sides yesterday in a civil case being tried in Middlesex Superior Court.
    Norma Shulman, now 65, was struck by a Harley-Davidson driven by state police Sgt. Dennis Bertulli as she watched the Marathon on Rte. 135 in West Natick on April 16, 2007.
    She is suing the state police, alleging negligence and an attempted cover-up by authorities.
    "You know what? It was a sham investigation," her attorney, Chris Petrini, told a panel of 12 jurors.

    Full Story:
    Marathon Lawsuit: Woman recalls motorcycle impact, aftermath - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News
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    In case people haven't seen it...

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Spectator Hit By Motorcycle[/nomedia]

    The lady clearly tripped over the curb. The Sgt. was probably going a top speed of 5 mph.
  3. TRPDiesel

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    Advice to take advil and apply ice is a grand worth of medical bills. At those prices its no wonder she has to sue
  4. cc3915

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    Jury says state trooper negligent in Boston Marathon accident

    A Framingham woman was awarded $15,500 in damages by Middlesex Superior Court jury today after they found a state police motorcyclist was negligent when he struck her as she stood along the Boston Marathon route.

    Norma Shulman, now 65, was watching the race behind the white line near Mill Street in Natick on April 16, 2007 when a motorcycle driven by Sgt. Dennis Bertulli, knocked her to the ground.

    In addition to claims of negligence, Shulman also sued Bertulli, who has since retired, for battery, and sued an investigating officer, Lt. William Cederquist for civil rights violations, alleging that the state police tried to blame her for the crash. The jury ruled against her on those claims.

    Jury says state trooper negligent in Boston Marathon accident - Framingham - Your Town -
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    Love the idea, but you'd need 25 MBTA buses on standby to transport all the prisoners. :rolleyes: Glad the state fought this suit and the Troopers were cleared of all the civil rights bullshit.
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    When I become the All Powerful Supreme Being, this woman will be assigned to the first boxcar enroute to my death camp. Undesirables like this need to be purged from society. A close second will be those to fat fucks who killed their 4 year old in Worcester.
  7. Goose

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    Boo hoo. Maybe if she wasn't in the wrong, she wouldn't have lost so much sleep over it.
  8. OCKS

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    The civil right viol. are bull, it's clear from the utube tape the bike was riding right on the the white line and he certainly didn't swerve at her. It does look like the cowling brushed her and knocked her back causing the bike to swerve away. No matter who's fault it was, if the tropper knew he hit her (maybe he didn't) he should of stopped or at least called it in.(maybe he did) As far as the injuries who knows a 63 year old lady getting brushed by a 800 lbs bike could of bruised some ribs. Not trying to start a shit storm but why would the boston marathon be any different than a normal patrol day. If a lady stepped off the curb and got brushed by a patrol car even on the way to a call wouldn't rules and regs and law be to stop and render aid.

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