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Mansfield Soldier Killed In Iraq

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Nov 14, 2008.

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    [​IMG] Spc. Cory Shea, a cavalry scout of Killer Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment guards the gate of Combat Outpost Rabiy in Mosul, August 17.

    MANSFIELD (WBZ) ― One of two U.S. soldiers killed by an Iraqi soldier Wednesday was from Mansfield, according to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.

    Corey Shea, 21, was killed when the Iraqi sprayed automatic weapons fire at U.S. soldiers at an Iraqi military base in Mosul.

    The Iraqi died in a hail of bullets. Six other American soldiers were wounded.

    The Associated Press reported the premeditated attack occurred in a courtyard as the soldiers waited for their two lieutenants to finish a meeting with an Iraqi army company commander.

    Shea's mother, Denise Anderson, told the paper the Army told her Wednesday that her son had died.

    She said Shea had been in the Army for about a year and was due to come home in January.

    He graduated from Mansfield High School in 2005 and played for the hockey team.
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    God Bless You ..RIP
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    Mass for slain Mansfield soldier scheduled

    MANSFIELD - A soldier from Mansfield killed in Iraq earlier this month is being laid to rest.
    A funeral Mass for Spc. Corey Shea is scheduled for St. Mary’s Church in town on Monday morning.
    The 21-year-old Shea was one of two American soldiers killed on Nov. 12 in Mosul after a uniformed Iraqi Army soldier approached them and opened fire. Six other U.S. troops were injured.
    Shea, a 2005 graduate of Mansfield High School had been in the Army for about a year and was to come home in January. He was with the 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas.
    Hundreds attended a wake for Shea on Sunday.

    'An incredible individual'


    Mansfield police and fire department honor guards stood at the entrance to Army SPC Corey Shea's funeral at the Sherman and Jackson Funeral Home in Mansfield Sunday. (Staff photo by Mike George)

    Mourners remember sacrifice of Mansfield's Corey Shea, who was killed in Iraq, at wake
    MANSFIELD - Nick Martorano never met Corey Shea, yet drove from Melrose to Mansfield for him Sunday.

    "I'm just an American citizen, paying my respects to a fellow American," Martorano said after leaving the Sherman and Jackson Funeral Home on North Main Street.

    Mansfield's Corey Shea, 21, an Army specialist, was killed Nov. 12 when an Iraqi soldier suddenly opened fire on Americans at a joint security station in Mosul, Iraq.

    Another American soldier died, while six others were wounded.

    A wake Sunday for Shea drew some mourners who knew the 2005 Mansfield High School graduate well, and others like Martorano, who simply wanted to thank him for his sacrifice.

    Mourners walk past an honor guard as they leave Army SPC Corey Shea's wake at the Sherman and Jackson Funeral Home in Mansfield. (Staff photo by Mike George)

    "I hope everyone does," said Mansfield resident Dave McGee, among the early mourners.

    A funeral Mass will be held for Shea at 11 this morning at St. Mary's Church on Pratt Street in Mansfield.

    Mourners entering the funeral home Sunday were handed a laminated card with Shea, pictured in his dress uniform, and a poem on the front, and an American flag waving in the blue sky on the back.

    The poem reads: "I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one, I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I'd like the tears, of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when life is done. He will lift you up on Eagle's wings to your heavenly rest."

    Inside the funeral home were two photo collages of Shea, from his youth to a group shot of him and his Army buddies.

    Shea's coffin was draped in an American flag.

    "He made the ultimate sacrifice," said one airman who declined to give his name.

    "He's got an incredible family, from what I can tell. An incredible individual."

    Mansfield High senior Matt Ledwell said he knows Shea's sister, Kristin Anderson.

    "He was a good kid. Involved in a couple of sports in high school," Ledwell said.

    Ledwell said he, too, plans to join the military after graduating high school in June.

    Seeing Shea make the ultimate sacrifice "makes me worried, but it's something that is not going to stop me," Ledwell said.
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    A hero's farewell

    Kristin Anderson, sister of Army Spc. Corey Shea, and other mourners watch as an honor guard places a flag on his casket after his funeral at Mansfield's St. Mary's Church. (Staff photo by Mike George)

    Mansfield mourners line streets to honor Corey Shea
    MANSFIELD - For Army Spc. Corey Shea, joining the service was not about awards or accolades, but a call to duty.

    It was while performing that duty that Shea, a cavalry scout for the Army's First Armored Division, paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in the service of his country in Iraq.

    "The great young man who we honor here today did not ask for any recognition," said Army Capt. John Eliot of Fort Hood in Texas, where Shea's unit was stationed. "He did not seek the hero's treatment, but a hero he is."

    Shea, 21, was one of two U.S. soldiers killed when an Iraqi soldier suddenly opened fire on soldiers at a joint security station in Mosul, Iraq. Several others were wounded in the attack.

    Mourners of all ages lined Mansfield's streets as Army Spc. Corey Shea's caisson and honor guard processes past the high school Monday. (Staff photo by Mike George)

    Although he might not have craved the spotlight, Shea was given a hero's farewell Monday. Residents lined the streets, waving U.S. flags and saluting the fallen soldier's casket as a caisson-led procession worked its way through town.

    On route to the funeral Mass at St. Mary's Church on Pratt Street, Shea's body was carried down East Street, passing by Mansfield High School, where he graduated in 2005. Hundreds of students took a break from their morning classes to pay their respects as the caisson went by.

    "His commitment to his service of his country as a soldier revealed a heart of a person who was willing to accept his duty in spite of its danger," the Rev. Msgr. Stephen Avila said in his homily.

    The funeral drew many public officials, including Gov. Deval Patrick, U.S. Sen. John Kerry, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, as well as numerous state legislators and town officials.

    The mood within the church was somber, as memories of Shea invariably led back to his commitment to serve, whether he was helping his country or loved ones.

    "He was a good man," Eliot said. "He was a loving young man who genuinely cared about others, and he was a very good soldier."

    "The fact that Specialist Shea enlisted in the Army during a time of war, knowing full well what that meant, speaks volumes about his character," Eliot said.

    Shea's mother, Denise Anderson, wept openly when Eliot presented her with the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star awarded to Shea posthumously.

    "Amazing Grace" played loudly as loved ones followed Shea's casket out of the church, sharing embraces as they shed tears.

    Following the Mass, Shea was buried with full military honors in the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne.

    Corey Shea's mother Denise Anderson, left, and his sister Kristin Anderson mourn as Shea's casket is placed in the hearse after his funeral on Monday. (Staff photo by Mike George)

    While his body may be gone, loved ones said Shea will live on in their memories, as a friend, as a soldier and, most of all, as a hero.

    "He will be remembered as a hero," said his sister, Kristin Anderson. "A hero that gave the ultimate sacrifice."

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