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'Mannequin murder' fools Japanese police

Japanese police appear to be victims of a hoax after a 'body' found on a seaside resort was acutally a life-size doll.
Investigators found what seemed like a body in a forest in Izu City, a seaside resort in central Japan, after an anonymous caller reported seeing it, police said.

Investigators felt it from outside but never actually looked inside, and brought it back to the city police station for a post-mortem examination, she said.
Apparently no one doubted a human body was inside until a medical examiner unwrapped it and found a doll there.

The Asahi newspaper said the doll was sophisticated and life-sized, and wore a brown wig, a blouse and a skirt. It appeared to have been wrapped or enclosed in a dark green sleeping bag.

Police are now investigating whether they were victims of a cunning hoax.
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