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Police Say Drug Business Can Lead To Other Crime

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A yearlong investigation by local, state and federal officials in Manchester led to more than 30 arrests and confiscated drugs worth more than $200,000, officials said Thursday.

Police Blog: Arrests Made In Operation DAG

The effort was called Operation Drugs and Guns, or Operation DAG, and officials said it was designed to disrupt the drug business in Manchester.
"We recognize that there is a lot of drug activity in Manchester. It's unacceptable," Police Chief David Mara said. "We'll continue to work together, and we won't stop until it's very uncomfortable for people to deal drugs in Manchester. We want to get to the point where it's not cost-effective for people to come to Manchester and deal drugs."

Authorities charged 32 people with a variety of drug offenses in the past three months. Police said they also confiscated 3.9 pounds of cocaine, 3.6 ounces of crack cocaine, 88 pounds of marijuana, 1.1 ounces of heroin and hundreds of pills.

"Drug activity in our city is not tolerated," Mayor Frank Guinta said. "We will identify anyone who is doing it and arrest them."

Mara sad drugs bring other crime to the city, such as burglary and prostitution. He said drugs are also the source of violence in quiet neighborhoods.

"A lot of these raids that we executed with search warrants are right in the middle of neighborhoods, often right in the three-deckers," Mara said. "They're in apartment buildings. They're right next to people that work every day and come home and take care of their children."

Mara said the investigation is not over, and more arrests are expected.
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