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By Bill Rankin
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA - Since his 19th birthday in 1981, Larry L. Robinson has been arrested, on average, at least twice a year.
All told, he racked up 36 convictions -- 22 felonies and 14 misdemeanors. But Robinson never served longer than six years at a time in prison since his first arrest for burglary 27 years ago.
On Thursday, however, the 46-year-old career criminal was sentenced to 19 years and seven months in prison under a tough federal sentencing law. There is no parole in the federal system.
"This defendant had been convicted of felony crimes an astounding 22 times and convicted of misdemeanor offenses another 14 times in state courts," U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said in a statement. "He was also arrested 30 other times. He is the quintessential career criminal, but now has faced justice in federal court."
Most of Robinson's prior offenses occurred in Fulton County. They include convictions for aggravated assault, burglary, gun possession, drug possession, shoplifting, trespassing and entering an auto, according to the Department of Corrections. He also was convicted of conspiracy in Lee County and obstruction of a law enforcement officer in DeKalb.
On Feb. 4, 2007, Atlanta police officers observed a possible drug transaction between Robinson and someone standing on the street near the intersection of Morgan Street and Boulevard. When the officers tried to pull Robinson over, he jumped out of his car and fled. During the chase, Robinson dropped a loaded pistol that was seized by police. He was soon caught and placed under arrest.
Eight weeks later, Robinson was sentenced to one year in jail for those offenses. That was reduced to time served -- 120 days -- after Robinson entered a residential drug treatment program.
But Robinson was indicted in federal court this past January for being a felon in possession of a handgun. He went to trial and a jury found him guilty in May.
"In stark contrast to the 120-day sentence he received for his last armed flight from Atlanta police officers, he will deservedly spend much of the rest of his life in federal prison," Nahmias said.

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